Visualizations in R

Computerworld’s Sharon Machlis [1] shows examples for  5 data visualizations in 5 minutes: each in 5 lines or less of R . This is my version of it using IMDB data

[1] Also worth checking out her favorite R packages for data visualization and munging

Correlation Visualization

> cor(data[6:9])
            IMDbRating Runtime        Year  NumVotes
IMDbRating 1.000000000      NA 0.008574095 0.5748866
Runtime             NA       1          NA        NA
Year       0.008574095      NA 1.000000000 0.5263616
NumVotes   0.574886602      NA 0.526361607 1.0000000
corrgram(data[6:9], upper.panel = panel.pie, lower.panel = panel.pts)

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