Excel Cube Formulas | Locii Solutions

Following requests by some of our clients, we have created a video that demonstrates OLAP cube formulas, and how they are used in many of the dashboards/ reports that we create for Insight users.

via Latest News.


While PivotTables are an ideal tool for quickly exploring your data and finding a wide variety of answers in an ad hoc manner, they are not as well suited for building fixed reports with irregular or custom layouts. Here are a few quick examples:

  • “Asymmetric reports,” wherein the rows or columns don’t follow a fixed pattern in terms of the data they contain (more on this below)
  • Reports that mix data from multiple data sources
  • Reports that require a lot of custom spacing and/or precise grouping and ordering, often in a different way than the data is stored in the data source

via Excel Blog – The Excel 12 Blog Rides Again, or “CUBE Functions Part 1”.

How to approach a cube function report, using a scrap sheet
Mastering the CUBE Functions in Excel 2013 | TechEd New Zealand 2013 | Channel 9.

How to use cube variables in report titles

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