This is part 2 of Why NoSQL series. You can view the first part here. In this post we will have an overview about various data model been which upon NoSQL databases been build and compare it with RDBMS data model.

All through the post we can examine different data model with famous employee data. Typically in an office employee will have following records,

  • empid
  • emp_name
  • department
  • designation

and consider the company has different department.
Let us examine the relational database model first.
Relational Database model:
Relational database model first been proposed by Edgar F. Codd in late 1969. The fundamental assumption of the relational data model is that the data is represented as a mathematical n-ary relation which is a subset of Cartesian product. The data been accessed by means of relational algebra using set theory and the consistency been achieved by applying constraints like primary and…

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