Python (cheat sheets)

[… ] is perfectly useful to any person with no programming knowledge at all, who wants to learn python. But what makes this tutorial unique, is that it is written for beginners, by a beginner.

via – Home.

I posted this Python cheat sheet before in my PyBat post, but several people found it useful so I wanted to give it it’s own post for emphasis.

And if you just want to see some simple samples of Python code, you can always look at the example programs from my free book for non-programmers, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python (released under a Creative Commons license).


Python 2.4 Quick Reference Card

Python Basics


Code Skulptor

CodeSkulptor is a browser-based Python interpreter, as featured in the online course “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python”.

via by Scott Rixner, John Greiner.

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