Discover, Visualize, Translate and Right Level your Requirements

This webinar explores the topic of pre-project requirements gathering and how different approaches and techniques can substantially reduce the risk of project failure by:

Ensuring the business is ready for change: a discovery phase will help you understand the change your stakeholders are asking for, the implications of the change and what they expect to happen as a result of the change process.

Visualizing the change: a picture speaks a thousand words … the use of prototypes and wireframes will help you explore different scenarios with your stakeholders and the likely functionality which will achieve the business benefits expected.

Translating the change: stakeholder communities speak different languages and the art of requirements gathering is to understand and translate stakeholder expectations in different forms so that everyone has the same interpretation of the required change.

Right levelling the change: documenting the requirements at the right level is a tough challenge to get right … too much detail will render the requirements unmanageable, but pitched too high will make them vague and unusable.

Participants of this webinar can expect to learn pre-project requirements gathering approaches and techniques used by Emirates Airline for major transformation programmes and technology enabled development projects. The presenter will share lessons learned of what has worked well, and what has not worked well, in order to provide key insights for project management professionals who are responsible for or involved in project requirements gathering and management.

via Requirements Management Community of Practice – View Webinar | Project Management Institute.

points I have taken away from it:

– interview, workshops, … –> manage the right requirements

– wireframe, mock ups, prototype

– business waffle vs geek speak

Right Level Requirements


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