Differences between Prince2, ITIL and PMI

Differences between Prince2, ITIL and PMI  by David Hinde on 06/11/2009

There are a lot of standards in project management so it can get a bit confusing what to use when and which to study.

Prince2 & PMI are focused on managing projects, pieces of work that have a beginning and end. The work could be large, like building a call centre, or small, like a social event. ITIL is focused on service delivery, the stuff that happens after you have built your “thing” in the project. For example, once you have built your call centre in your project, there will now be on-going work where the people in the call centre answer the phone. This service delivery goes on and on for as long as the call centre exists. ITIL is mainly focused on service delivery in the IT sector, whereas Prince2 and PMI cover all sectors.

via Differences between Prince2, ITIL and PMI.

IT Service Management (ITSM) descriptions of Hendershott Consulting Inc include valuable Pictures, Videos and Presentation Material – and all the definitions you need, e.g

Definition of Lifecycle

“A method of analysing industries and/or specific organisations based on the premise that all business has a lifespan, moving from birth to eventual demise.”R.
“Consecutive and interlinked stages of a product system, from raw material acquisition or generation of natural resources to the final disposal.”R
“A series of states connected by allowable transitions. The life cycle represents an approval process for Configuration Items, Problem Reports and Change documents”R

Definition of Business Process

“.. a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product.”R
“A collection of activities that takes one or more kinds of input and creates an output that is of value to the customer.”R
“.. the execution of a sequence of related steps in response to an event that leads to a clearly defined deliverable or outcome. “

via ITSM Processes.

How Effective Are IT Service Management (ITSM) Processes In Your Organization?


Pink Elephant wrote the ITIL® V3 book on Continual Service Improvement. And, for years, we have helped hundreds of organizations understand this basic principle of IT process improvement:

  • What is not defined cannot be controlled
  • What is not controlled cannot be stabilized
  • What is not stabilized cannot be measured
  • What is not measured cannot be improved

via PinkSCAN.

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