Data Analysis (Johns Hopkins University, Coursera)

Just when I got the hang of  things the Coursera class “Data Analysis” finished. I already went back to re-watch some of the videos and I am glad the instructor made them available for exactly that purpose. (So structured and well organized. Love it.)

(1) The course videos are on Youtube and tagged by week:
(2) The course lecture notes are on Github:

Data Analysis Course Wrap-up –  Jeff Leek, March 13, 2013

Summary/Next Steps

An introduction to the course and the Landscape of Data Analysis  can be found in this  SimplyStatistics blog.  Digithead’s Lab Notebook: Data analysis class provides an excellent summary by a fellow student and this it how the prof summed it up:

(3) I did a podcast with Roger discussing the course from my perspective here:
(4) There were approximately 102,000 students enrolled in the course, about 51,000 watched videos, 20,000 did quizzes, and 5,500 did/graded the data analysis assignments.
(6)  All announcements about future versions of the course and my thoughts about the first run will be posted at: and
(7) If you are excited about statistics and want to get more of the details behind the statistical methods, I recommend Brian Caffo’s awesome Biostatistics Boot Camp ( which will run again starting April 16th.

Data Analysis Course Wrap-up –  Jeff Leek, March 13, 2013


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