Agile Contracts for the Real World

Agile Contracts for the Real World – On-Demand Webinar for PMI Members

Agile practices in project management pay considerable attention to project execution and team values, but indicate little about how projects are initiated. This webinar discusses a variety of considerations and techniques for building contracts that you can implement right now.

Our presenter, Jesse Fewell, is a founder of the PMI Agile Community of Practice. He will draw from his experiences on dozens of agile projects in several sectors to explain how to achieve what the agile experts say is impossible.

Originally presented on 27 July 2011 by the PMI Agile Community of Practice.

Points I picked up:

  • Customer Collaboration is a key component
  • Flip the Iron Triangle
  • Decompose work for shared risk (–> fix price on small work packages/story)
  • multi-tier contract architecture  (spectrum: stable vs changing elements)
  • minimize liability (contract lawyer) vs maximize success (pm)

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