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On April 30, 2013 Posterous will close down. With this deadline looming I finally started following their instructions  this week.

Go to

Click to request a backup of your Space by clicking “Request Backup” next to your Space name.

When your backup is ready, you’ll receive an email.

Return to to download a .zip file.

via Posterous will turn off on April 30 – The Official Posterous Space.

Recommendation Nr.  1:  Start early. The backup in Posterous takes 24h

Tumblr or WordPress

When it came to choose between the two  free blog option I tried them both

Tumblr offers with JustMigrate the easier option – on the face of it. However, only 20 posts made it through.
The WordPress import (once I found it: >dashboard>tool>import) is very straight forward. Pleasantly suprised when all the tags and comments were imported as well. But seeing how it deals with the images (and image links) I miss Posterous already

Google Analytics

There are several tutorials about how to integrate the Google Analytics tracker. I followed the one on, but neither got it work nor is the code invisible in the footer. So there might be some truth in the wordpress support statement

Can I use Google Analytics?

No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

via Stats — Support —


Lessons learnt /pain felt and shared (thank you) by others:

1) The embedded documents that you had in posterous won’t have come across in the import – you may have a hyperlink to the document which takes you back to the posterous blog (which won’t be there in May…!). This creates a headache for folks like me who tend to embed powerpoints/word docs/pdfs into all my posts. There’s no easy way to say this but you have to find all the original files and do one of two things–

(i) Upload those files to a 3rd party document store e.g. scribd – you can upload many files at once using the desktop uploader (handy!). The advantage of using scribd (or similar) is that you can edit the attributes of the file in terms of what folks can do with it (e.g. disable download/printing). Having your documents here is also handy for connecting up to LinkedIn etc – promotes your professional stuff across a number of platforms. Scribd also have a specific embed shortcode which makes it easier to embed docs into your posts. The downside is that this is a two step process and a serious pain in the arse if you have a couple of hundred files to upload and then re-embed into individual posts.

(ii) You can upload the files directly into your wordpress “media library”, this is easy enough to do and here is the guidance on that Only note of caution here is that this could eat into your data allowance if you have many large powerpoints/pdfs, especially if you have the free blog which is capped to 3GB.

2) It is a pain in the rear to embed prezis into a blog. This is something to do with not supporting iframes (don’t ask me – I’m clueless) and the workaround involves taking the embed code from your prezi and editing it to work with I hated this. However a very helpful French techie person has volunteered a simple web app that can do that bit for you. So listen up! Bookmark this url Prezi shortcode generator!

Simply copy the url of the prezi you want to embed, paste into the generator and click ‘shortcode?’ Then you copy the long string, paste into your blog – et voila problem solved.

3) Uploading photos into your media library is a cinch and it is easy to create a slick slideshow in your posts. Here’s the support page, it’s a piece of cake!

4) Embedding youtube videos is also really easy – I find the easiest way is to simply grab the url of the video and click the add media (from url) button in the editing pane – paste in url and click insert into post. This works for most media types at the end of a url.

5) TED videos have a special wordpress embed shortcode – really easy!

via Moving blogs – from posterous to | The Digitally Connected Researcher.


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