Scope Management

Initiating (2) Planning (20) Execution(8) Monitoring & Controlling(10) Closing (2)


Collect Requirements Verify Scope
Define Scope Control Scope
Create WBS





Triple Constraint



Collect Requirements

Collect Requirements

Project Charter
stakeholder register
focus groups
facilitated workshop
group creativity techniques
group decision making techniques
questionaire (surveys, …)

requirement documentation

requirement management plan

requirement traceability matrix


Define Scope

Define Scope
Project Charter expert judgement
requirement documentation product analysis
OPA alternative identification (outside box)
facilitated workshop

project scope statement

project document update


Create WBS

Create WBS
project scope statement decomposition
requirement documentation
WBS dictionary
scope baselline
project document updat



scope baseline scope statement product scope description Product Scope = product features & functions measured against product requirements
product acceptance criteria
project deliverables
project exclusions
project constraints
poject assumptions
WBS dictionary
Project Scope = “activities/work” performed measured against project plan



Verify Scope (with customer)

Verify Scope
PM Plan verification
requirement documentation
requirement traceability matrix Crs
validated deliverables accepted deliverables
Project document updates


Control Scope

Control Scope
PM Plan variance analysis work performance measurement
Work Performance Info Opa updates
requirement documentation Crs
requirement traceability matrix PM Plan updates

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