PMP links and templates

PMP Exam Resources and Links – Free

  • PMP Simulated Test – 200 Questions from techfaq360  This is a simulation exam, questions are not too difficult in general. Sometimes they use All of the Above as answer (not at exam) There is an explanation button if you do not know the answer.  15/20
  • PMP Sample Questions in PDF 175  A set of questions from Mr Lehmann, that many are good for studying but are most likely above the level at the exam. Some need good thinking and sometimes a bit long to calculate. But would definitely put this set op questions on top of you list to try if you need more questions. 20/20
  • oliverlehmann 75 questions – good A subset of his 175 questions, but with a timer to see how you are doing. 20/20
  • Sample PMP Questions 160 questions, I believe that many are taken from the set of 175 questions from Lehmann. Answers are immediately under the questions, so not too good to practice on the screen. 12/20
  • Head First 200 PMP Questions Based on the commercially available text book from this company, pretty good questions. 18/20
  • 200 PMP Sample questions from Tutorial Point 200 questions with the answers immediately under the questions. 12/20
  • 20 Free PMP Exam prep questions Good questions, they like to sell you more after you did the 20. 18/20
  • crosswind 200 questions Pretty good questions, answers and score at the end of the 200. Good explanations of the answers. 16/20
  • IT World 50 questions Actually 60 questions, reasonable well done, you need to click on the See Answer button to verify if you answered correctly. 14/20

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