OWB Audit Browser … drives me mad

2011-06-30 Update: Now, that sounds familiar

Control Center isn’t allways the speedy friend you need when things get tough. It shows a lot of white screen a lot of the time while waiting for results to show. So I made myself a view on the runtime repository.

via http://kleinoracledenkraam.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/owb-runtime-repository/


Haven’t worked with Oracle Warehouse Builder for a while, but the moment I opened the audit browser it all came back to me. Here’s the Select Statement I use instead. Hope it’ll still work when I upgrade from 10.2

SELECT exe.top_level_execution_audit_id
, MAP.map_run_id
, NVL(exe.object_name,
INSTR(exe.execution_name, ‘:’)+1)) mapping_name
, exe.return_result status
, NVL(map.start_time, exe.created_on) start_time
, NVL(map.end_time, exe.updated_on) end_time
(NVL(map.end_time, exe.updated_on) –
NVL(map.start_time, exe.created_on)),
‘HH24:MI:SS’) elapsed
, map.number_errors errors
, map.number_records_selected selected
, map.number_records_inserted inserted
, map.number_records_updated updated
, map.number_records_deleted deleted
, map.number_records_merged merged
, err.run_error_message error_message
FROM all_rt_audit_executions exe
LEFT OUTER JOIN all_rt_audit_map_runs map ON (map.execution_audit_id = exe.execution_audit_id)
LEFT OUTER JOIN all_rt_audit_map_run_errors err ON (err.map_run_id = map.map_run_id)
— WHERE (exe.object_name NOT IN (‘MP_START_WORKFLOW’, ‘MP_END_WORKFLOW’) OR exe.object_name IS NULL)
— AND exe.task_type <> ‘ProcessFlow’
ORDER BY exe.execution_audit_id DESC;




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